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Asmontec Clean Rooms has outstanding performance in the manufacture and installation of clean rooms and special materials in aluminum and stainless steel, investing in technology and professional training to constantly grow and innovate.

Located in Vinhedo, a strategic and well developed city in the interior of São Paulo, with a structure of 2,100m², the administrative and productive sector work side by side, supporting its own specialized team that provides services for all national and international territory. .

Founded in 1996, with over 20 years of experience in the Cleanroom segment, Asmontec respects the customer for ensuring 100% project-consistent implementation, enabling a seamless path from product manufacturing to end use.
We carry the spirit of cleanliness in our essence, and we believe that being clean is acting honestly and ethically before, during and after the buying and selling process, providing the best at fair value, on time and with the proper care.

Asmontec Clean Rooms, transparency you see.


Provide cleanroom solutions with excellence, ensuring our customers the best options in the market.


To be a reference in Clean Room Engineering, providing development and growth of our customers and employees.


• Differentiated customer service, aiming at their total satisfaction.
• Appreciation and respect in the relationship with employees, customers, suppliers and partners.
• Transparency, ethics, integrity and safety in all processes and actions.
• Provide products and services with punctuality, innovation and quality.
• Wellness and professionalism in the workplace.
• Qualified and qualified team of professionals.
• Commitment to the environment in the pursuit of preserving our planet and sustainable growth.


presidente asmontec

“The decision to found Asmontec in 1996 came from the market opportunity of a growing new building technology: the use of standard prefabricated cleanroom materials, which was viewed as a major challenge due to new GMP requirements and care. Manufacturing Practices) in the manufacture of medicines.

Always believing in the development of the market and in Brazil, we never strive to reach our goals, and it is with great pleasure that the company enters a new phase, with security and consistent experience to attend and give all the necessary support to the clients in the implantation and execution of each work.

Asmontec has constantly invested in the professionalization of its assembly team, in the development and standardization of materials and working methods, and in the training and maintenance of our own team, as we believe that in this way we continue to guarantee the quality of our services and services. the satisfaction of our customers.

On the twentieth anniversary, we made the decision to overhaul our brand, highlighting transparency as our motto. By always acting with ethics and honesty, we want to be recognized for always providing the best solution, uniting quality, time, commitment and dedication of the entire team.

I believe we are prepared for future challenges and will work harder and harder to meet the needs of our customers, employees and partners to ensure success and steady growth. ”

assinatura presidente asmontec
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